We Have 2 Zelle Accounts:

Make sure you Zelle using the correct account, depending on your purpose.

1. Use This Zelle Account For Donations ONLY:

Thank you for making a donation to Oakland Park Kiwanis. No matter the amount the difference it makes is huge! Use this Zelle Account to make a donation for Backpacks, Pancake Tickets, Thanksgiving and Holiday Dinners, OR ANYTHING ELSE THAT GOES TO THE BENEFIT OF THE CHILDREN AND FAMILIES OF OAKLAND PARK.

To donate via Zelle use the following information :

Evi Profili is our Treasurer, however the funds you send go directly to the Kiwanis account.

2. Use This Zelle Account To Pay For Dues, Holiday Party, Happy Dollars, anything that is NOT a donation:

Dues, Our Club Holiday Party, Happy Dollars, or anything else that is not a Donation, use the email [email protected] to send money.